Learning By Doing

You want to start working out more and you know the first place you’ll go… The library! There you’ll be able to read tons of books on bicep curls and hiking and you’ll be in shape in no time.

Wait, something’s not right. 

Just because you read a book on bicep curls doesn’t mean you can do a bicep curl. That’s because reading doesn’t make you any better at doing things. 

That’s why Pique helps you go beyond reading. We help you do the book.

Why is “doing the book” helpful? 

Pique is like if you could directly ask the author, “what do I need to know?” We’ve worked with authors to develop experiences that show you how takeaways from the book apply directly to your life. 

Pique lets you live the book’s takeaways in your life. With Pique, you’ll break out of your routines with hands-on activities co-created with authors that help you feel the concepts in an active way.

Rather than learning about how subtraction is overlooked, you’ll do activities created by Leidy Klotz to show you how you’re actively overlooking subtraction right now. Instead of reading about the best way to make a change, you’ll make a plan to utilize fresh starts with Katy Milkman. You’ll go beyond reading about uncomfortable conversations and you’ll prepare to have them with Dolly Chugh.

With experience, key points go beyond being words on a page. Pique will help you apply them to your everyday life. And, after trying it out, there will be a clearer path to keep making those beneficial changes going forward.

How long does it take?

Reading a full nonfiction book can take 3 hours. And it can take much longer when you’re really trying to internalize all of the great points the author is making. Pique will help you see the key takeaways in your life in just 5 minutes per experience.

What kind of books can you expect?

Nonfiction is chock full of insights on how to grow, change, and become a better version of yourself. But, those insights don’t mean anything if you don’t actually see them play out in your own life.

That’s why we’ve curated a library of nonfiction that we could all learn from. If you haven’t already read the books, our experiences will spark your curiosity in learning. And if you have already read them, Pique gives you the opportunity to take that knowledge one step further.

We’ll help you find your next must-read and we’ll make it into a must-do.