Katy Milkman Is Your Change Trainer

When it comes to changing our lives and routines, most of us are trying to chop down giant oak trees with plastic spoons. Our routines are so deeply ingrained that we need to use the right tools to make any noticeable progress. But we don’t do that. 

Instead, we try to use the same methods that have failed in the past over and over, ad nauseum. And then, when our bendy spoons inevitably give up their lop-sided fight against the sturdy oak, we get frustrated and quit. We sigh, “I guess I’ll ALWAYS be this way.”

There must be a better way to change. 

You can put down your well-worn spoon because behavioral scientist and change expert Katy Milkman has found that there is a better way to change. 

Her book, How To Change: The Science of Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, will show you how to use the right tools to change your routines and conquer your goals. She recommends several different tools that can be mixed and matched in almost all scenarios according to your preferences.

By doing the book in Pique, you’ll break out of your routines with hands-on activities co-created directly with Katy Milkman that help you experience the concepts that she discusses. You’ll get a trial run with each of the tools introduced and see first-hand which would work best in your life. And, after trying them out, there will be a clearer path to keep using them going forward.

What can you expect?

Instead of just reading about the best way to make a change, in Pique, you’ll get to live it. 

One way you’ll do that? By making a plan to utilize fresh starts with Katy Milkman.

Most people are already familiar with one fresh start in particular — the New Year’s Resolution. But, thankfully, you don’t need to wait until you start a new calendar to enjoy the power of fresh starts. We see our lives in episodes, like our 40s or when we lived in the yellow house or the year 2021. The end of an episode naturally makes us feel more dynamic. Next time you experience a new move, birthday, or Monday, you can use the motivation that comes with a fresh start to give you a boost. 

Specifically, you can use that boost to change how you label yourself.

As Katy says in How To Change, “When we’re labeled “voters” (instead of people who vote), “carrot eaters” (instead of people who eat carrots whenever they can), and “Shakespeare readers” (instead of people who read Shakespeare a lot), it influences how we act, not just how we describe ourselves.” Fresh starts give us the power we need to shake our internal labels and push ourselves to become the people we want to be.

Ready to put down the plastic spoon and find the right change tools for you?

Change is hard work, so you need all the tools you can have at your disposal. Thankfully, How To Change by Katy Milkman is the ultimate resource. It and many more great behavioral science books are available in the Pique app right now. 

So head on over and get started!

Illustration of Katy Milkman
Author and researcher Katy Milkman

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