Leidy Klotz Can Fix Your Closet

When we have issues, most of us immediately think of adding things. Terrible closet layout? Add some dressers. Get some free-standing racks. Install random doodads to the door to hang things on.

Another option? Subtracting some clothes.

Turns out, subtracting is the problem-solving solution that most of us miss. And it can have huge benefits. 

But how can you stop yourself from overlooking subtraction?

Open the closet doors and get ready to make some room because subtraction expert Leidy Klotz is here to teach you all he knows.

In his book, Subtract: The Untapped Science of Less, Leidy will loop you in on all things less. He does some myth-busting on subtraction and teaches you several different ways to practice subtraction in your everyday life. 

By doing the book in Pique, you’ll get to experience the power of less with hands-on activities co-created directly with Leidy Klotz. You’ll get a trial run with each of the tools introduced and see first-hand which would work best in your life. And, after trying them out, there will be a clearer path to keep using them going forward.

What can you expect?

Instead of just reading about the importance of subtraction, in Pique, you’ll get to experience it. 

One way you’ll do that? You’ll put a magnifying glass on the invisible barriers in your environment that influence your behavior and subtract them to create change.

Though you fully intended to go home and make dinner, you continue to find yourself caving into stopping at the drive-thru on our way home from work. The motivation already exists — you don’t want to be stopping at the drive-thru — but time after time, you find yourself there. Why is that?

Kurt Lewin was a prominent psychologist with a lot of theories that intersect with the idea of subtraction. One of these is his “field theory.” Essentially, behavior is a product of people and their surroundings — or their field. 

We can change our behavior by relieving some of the tension our environments create. Lewin found that changing the invisible forces was often the best way to change our behavior. One way to do that? Subtract from them. Specifically, subtract the things in the environment that are creating tension and making it impossible to achieve your goals. Take a different route home to avoid the siren song of the drive-thru.

Ready to dive into the power of subtraction and fix your closet?

Subtraction is something that doesn’t come easily to us. Thankfully, Subtract by Leidy Klotz makes it far easier. He’ll walk you through everything you need to know and help you practice when it might be difficult to otherwise start. It and many more great behavioral science books are available in the Pique app right now. 

So hop on in and get started!

Illustration Leidy Klotz
Researcher Leidy Klotz