Get Fast Facts with Flashcards

Pique is chock full of behavioral science fun facts. 

Each experience is built around at least one scientific finding which you can whip out at any time to impress your friends and astound your enemies. On top of that, during each experience, you come away with your own associations and reflections on the topic.

But how can you remember all the great insights from the app?

Now introducing Flashcards! 

With Flashcards, you can quickly flip through the science and reflections from experiences you’ve completed. And you can access these quick reminders anytime on your home screen by tapping the Flashcards icon.

This means you can quickly freshen up on your learning while commuting, sitting in the waiting room of the vet, or even waiting in line for the bathroom at a party!

Why flip through Flashcards?

Your brain remembers information by making numerous connection points with it. The more connections, the longer you’re likely to remember something. You’ve already started to build connections to this science by completing the activity and reflecting on how to apply the science in your life.

By continuing to remind yourself of the science and your reflections on it, you can turn fun facts into deeper learning and growth.

A different set each time you flip

Every time you pull up your Flashcards, you’ll be given a random draw of ten fast facts and reflections. Once you swipe through those ten, you can receive another ten or you can close out to go share the knowledge with others!

All of the science and ruminations for experiences you’ve completed will be available, so you can expect a new deck every time. And if you want more, you can continue to complete our ever-expanding catalog of books!

So head into the app, open Flashcards (on the Home tab), and see what draw you get!