Elizabeth Dunn and Mike Norton Teach You How To Make A Dollar Smile

When you think about spending money on things that will make you happy, do you think of TVs and cars and giant homes? If you’re like most people then you do. And if you’re like most people then you’re wrong.

We’re notoriously bad at knowing what will make us happy.

But, if we’re so bad at knowing, how can we change that?

Get ready to turn those Franklin frowns upside down, because Happy Money experts Elizabeth Dunn and Mike Norton are here to teach you all they know.

In their book, Happy Money: The New Science of Smarter Spending, they’ll take you to the knowledge bank. They’ll do some myth-busting on what purchases matter most to and teach you several different ways to milk the happiness from your budget.

By doing the book in Pique, you’ll get to experience Happy Money with hands-on activities co-created directly with Elizabeth Dunn and Mike Norton. You’ll get a trial run of all of the practices introduced. And, after trying them out, there will be a clearer path to keep using them going forward.

What can you expect?

Instead of just reading about how you can prioritize happiness with your purchases, in Pique, you’ll get to experience it. 

One way you’ll do that? Buying meaningful time with family and friends.

Elizabeth Dunn and Mike Norton will help you think about how money just might be able to buy happiness. 

Think about how much money you’ve spent on socializing, from birthday parties, to road trips, to date nights. Even going out for after-work drinks with co-workers is more expensive than going home.

The same is true with family. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, raising a child now costs as much as $13,830 a year for middle-income families. And in a 2003 poll, over 80 percent of Americans — with and without children — reported wishing they had more time to spend with their families.

People are at their happiest when spending time with family and friends. But, doing so is expensive, which is why Elizabeth and Mike will help you prioritize and plan for time with those you love most.

Want to make the most of Happy Money?

Talking about money isn’t easy. Thankfully, Happy Money by Elizabeth Dunn and Mike Norton can make it more fun. They’ll walk you through how to prioritize spending your extra cash so you can cash out on happiness. It and many more great behavioral science books are available in the Pique app right now. 

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