Annie Duke Will Help You Order Off The Cheesecake Factory Menu

The options are seemingly endless. It’s almost disorienting considering the life you could lead if you made any individual choice.  

This is true of The Cheesecake Factory menu, but also when choosing between two different job offers, houses, and marketing plans for your business. 

Most of us “go with our gut” for decisions like these. And that’s fine for dessert, but it’s disastrous when deciding on bigger things like jobs, cities, and stock options. Is there another option, though?

Turns out, you can put the intuition back on the shelf because there are tons of decision-making skills that can make you a better decision-maker right now.

But how can you strengthen your decision-making skills?

Close the menu because decision expert and professional poker player Annie Duke is here to teach you how to decide.

In her book, How to Decide: Simple Tools for Making Better Choices, Annie will help you… well… decide. She does some decision-making myth-busting and teaches you several different ways to strengthen your decision-making muscles in your everyday life. 

By doing the book in Pique, you’ll get direct access to hands-on decision-making activities co-created directly with Annie Duke. You’ll get a trial run with each of the tools introduced and see first-hand which would work best in your life. And, after trying them out, there will be a clearer path to keep using them going forward. 

What can you expect?

Instead of just reading about decision-making tools, in Pique, you’ll get to experience them. 

One way you’ll do that? You’ll learn the difference between sorting and picking — and you might even utilize those new skills to order off the Cheesecake Factory menu.

While they might sound like synonyms, Annie Duke feels there is an important distinction between sorting and picking.  She believes the sorting process exists to narrow down to a set of “good enough” options. Recruiters do this as they sort through candidates to find options that are good enough to end up in an interview. Once you’ve sorted into “good enough”, then you have to pick between the “good enough” options.

The amount of time that someone who has food allergies should spend on a menu is higher than someone who doesn’t have food allergies. That’s because the outcome is more important when the consequences are higher. Similarly, businesses need to spend more time looking for a potential CEO than a potential intern.

The Only-Option Test clears away the debris cluttering your decision. If you’d be happy if the Caramel Apple Cheesecake was your only option and you’d be happy if Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake was your only option, you can flip a coin since you’ll be happy whichever way the coin lands.

Made the decision to experience How To Decide in Pique?

Decision-making is difficult, but it’s far easier with Annie Duke on your team. She’ll walk you through everything you need to know and help you practice when it might be difficult to otherwise start. It and many more great behavioral science books are available in the Pique app right now. 

So hop on in and get started!

Illustration of Annie Duke
Author Annie Duke