Getting Started in Pique

We’re so glad we piqued your interest! 

First off, you might be wondering, who are we? 

The short answer is that we’re a team of behavioral scientists (and behavioral science fans!) who have turned some of our favorite books into activities. We created this app to help you learn and try out research-backed concepts for improving your life.

Since it can be tricky to start something new, we wanted to let you know the best ways to use Pique! Here are some of our favorite tips:

Pique's logo stands pointing to a calendar

Set a time to use Pique! ⏰ When you want to receive the full benefits of a healthy habit, like going to the gym or brushing your teeth, you make time for them. Like “after work” or “as soon as I start moving for the day.” You should also set a time to Pique! If you’ve got five minutes, that’s enough time to Pique. Wondering what times might be good for you? We’ve got some suggestions.

Pique's logo stands on a pile of books about different subjects, reading Da Vinci. The logo is clearly about to jump to test gravity, as it's wearing wings and is above a pile of pillows.

Find books that speak to you! 📚We have books on tons of different subjects and you can even search specific phrases in our Discover tab. Regardless of what book you choose to read do, we’ll keep it interesting by injecting humor throughout. Want a top-level synopsis of some of our best books? Check out overviews of our favorites here!

Pique logo is jumping rope on top of an arrow that goes around in a complete circle.

Repeat the best activities! 🔁 Keep lessons top-of-mind by reminding yourself what you learned with Repeatables! Find activities you’ll want to do again and again in the Discover tab under Repeatables. Want to know more about the science behind Repeatables? We’d love to tell you all about it!

Looking for more Pique tips? 📱You’ll have to turn to the app to find out more! Because as fun as our blog is, the magic is in the app. 

So head on over to the iOS or Google Play App Store to get started!

Learn More About The Books In Pique

Every book is an opportunity to learn something new. And, in Pique, every book is an opportunity to read do something different too. Here are book summaries of some of our favorites from the app and what you can expect to do and learn in them:

Want to set goals that excite you, rather than haunt you? You’ve got to experience Get It Done! University of Chicago professor Ayelet Fishbach myth busts and helps you apply motivational science to your own life.

Want to learn the newest concepts from Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman, Cass R. Sunstein, and Olivier Sibony? Their book Noise will help you learn about an often unrecognized bias in decision-making and how you can minimize it to improve your own decision-making processes.

Wondering how to challenge your own bias so you can push yourself to become a better person? Check out The Person You Mean To Be by Dolly Chugh! She shares some of her own examples of growth and provides tools on how to continue to push yourself beyond the fear of not being perceived as a “good person” to actually become a better person.

Trying to make a change in your life? Whether the change you want to make is big or small, you can equip yourself with tools to conquer it from behavioral change expert Katy Milkman in How To Change.

Feeling short on time and need some science-backed tips on how to reclaim it? Check out Time Smart! Harvard School of Business Professor Ashley Whillans walks you through how to use a number of different means to take back time.

Feeling short on socialization, bandwidth, money, or anything else? Then you’re probably feeling the effects of scarcity. Learn more about the misconceptions around scarcity and how to prepare for it in Scarcity by Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir.

Feeling like you have too much clutter or too many commitments? Then you should learn more about the problem-solving solution that a lot of us overlook – subtraction. Leidy Klotz will teach you more about our culture of endless adding and what you can do in Subtract.

Want to know how money can buy happiness? That’s the subject of Happy Money by Elizabeth Dunn and Mike Norton! And while they can’t make money less of a sore subject, they can help you use any extra funds you have left over after the essentials to prioritize happiness.

Want to learn what makes up a habit and how to set the stage for better ones? In Good Habits, Bad Habits, habit expert Wendy Wood myth busts common misconceptions around habits and walks you through exercises for adding new habits to your routine. 

Have a decision coming up? Poker Champion and behavioral scientist Annie Duke can help prepare you with decision-making tips you might be missing in How to Decide.

Want to challenge your perceptions of professionalism? Science shows that displaying humor at work can make co-workers and supervisors trust you more. Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas can show you small ways to add humor to your day and enjoy the perks in Humor, Seriously.

We’re adding more great books to our app regularly. You can find these and future books by searching for topics under the Discover tab. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start reading doing!