The Best Times to Pick Up Pique

Want to learn? Then it’s the right time to use Pique!

It’s difficult to know when you’re going to be bitten by the learning bug though. That’s why it’s probably best to plan regular times to use Pique when you know your brain is generally feeling open and curious. So, probably not after the regularly frustrating phone call you have every Tuesday at 2pm.

In general, when we say “set a time to use Pique” we mean figure out what context you want to be in when you use Pique and make a plan to use it at those times.

You might reach for meditation apps when you feel stressed or mobile games when your brain absolutely can not take in any more information at all. The best time to reach for Pique is when you feel open to learning something new. By setting an intention for when you’ll use Pique, you can turn smarter reading, learning, and reflection into a habit! 

Why is it good to plug Pique into your plan? 

When we repeat certain behaviors over and over in regular contexts, like at the same time or in the same place, they start to become automatic. 

You might have done that with some behaviors you’d like to stop, like picking up your phone to check social media as soon as you wake up. This phenomenon isn’t limited to tendencies that the algorithm wants you to make into a habit though. 

You can make helpful behaviors automatic too. We might be biased, but we’re pretty sure that making a habit of using Pique to take your reading one step further is a positive thing. Because of that, we recommend slotting us into your daily or weekly routines for regular learning!

Times successful people read do books in Pique:

  • On your commute
  • With your morning cup of joe
  • Before bed
  • After putting the kids to bed, in the 5 minutes of euphoria you have before your brain shuts down
  • Every Saturday
  • In between Zoom calls
  • On your lunch break
  • After finishing Ozark
  • While waiting for the frying pan to heat up
  • When you would otherwise refresh your email waiting for a response
  • When you find yourself falling prey to the siren song of social media
  • Every time you see a lightbulb flicker
  • At 2:55pm – we’re not sure why, it’s just a great time

That being said, it’s good to be flexible too. 

Science says that the best way to make a habit stick is to be flexible while you’re setting it. We all stumble at the beginning stages of setting habits and if you’re too rigid, you’ll force yourself all the way back to the starting block. 

Planned to turn to Pique before work, but then woke up groggy with no extra time? That’s okay! Take a spin through the app on your lunch break. It’s better to continue at an off-time than not at all. If and when you miss the timeslot you originally planned, you can always turn to Pique at another time. Pique is in your phone whenever you can to return to it!

Regardless of what time you turn to Pique, there are so many great books in the app for you to choose from. If you’ve got 5 minutes in between calls or in a waiting room, that’s enough time to pick up and Pique! 

P.S. Got less time but still want to do something productive? We recommend flipping through your flashcards!

Ashley Whillans Can Turn You Into Your Favorite Video Game Character

When you play a video game, you’re able to accomplish everything. You can save the world, beat side quests, and still participate in a weird cut-scene with your character’s crush. You’ve got time to have it all.

How can the real-life version of you compare? 

Turns out there are a few key ways that you can be smarter about the ways you use your limited time and energy.

But, most of us are doing what we can, so how can we make even better use of our time?

Pause the game because time expert Ashley Whillans is here to tutor you on time.

In Time Smart: How to Reclaim Your Time and Live a Happier Life, Ashley will teach you several different ways you maximize the resource we could all use more of. 

By doing the book in Pique, you’ll get to experience the power being time smart with hands-on activities co-created directly with Ashley Whillans. You’ll get a trial run with each of the tools introduced and see first-hand which would work best in your life. And, after trying them out, there will be a clearer path to keep using them going forward.

What can you expect?

Instead of just reading about being time smart, in Pique, you’ll get to become time smart. 

One way you’ll do that? Add some loading time into your day.

When we stack personal or professional obligations back-to-back, we enjoy them less. Our stress increases as we try to keep a schedule, even if we’re juggling things that are supposed to be enjoyable.

Loading time, more commonly referred to as slack time, removes the stress of fulfilling all plans and allows for spontaneity. Spontaneity matters because if we are over efficient, even in relaxing activities like conversations with friends, we enjoy it less.

Slack time also helps us connect with weak ties. Weak ties are people we know, but who aren’t our close friends — like Suzie, your cubicle-mate. Suzie, and all of our weak ties, are more likely to inspire creative ideas and bring us opportunities.

So, when you add slack time into your schedule in Pique, you’ll have more usable time for being creative, bonding with Suzie, and beating side quests. 

Ready to get smarter about how you approach time?

Changing our perceptions of time is tricky business. Thankfully, Time Smart by Ashley Whillans in Pique is a smart way to approach it. She’ll walk you through everything you need to know and help you practice when it might be difficult to otherwise start. It and many more great behavioral science books are available in the Pique app right now. 

So set your watches to start Time Smart with Pique today!

Illustration of Ashley Whillans with blue hair and smile
Researcher Ashley Whillans